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COVID-19 update

More than six months have passed since the COVID-19 outbreak.
It is a troubled period for everyone in which both national and international rules and measures can change from one day to the next.
Svizera Europe therefore keeps a close eye on the news regarding COVID-19 and if necessary measures are introduced to ensure the safety of all personnel.

Despite all the measures that apply, the Svizera Europe team remains very positive and stands as a team behind the measures necessary to stop COVID-19 together.

Therefore Svizera Europe applies a policy in which the safety of the personnel is paramount.
From the start of the outbreak a large part of Svizera Europe works as recommended at home and a necessary number of personnel works at the office. The personnel that works at the office are divided in shifts, Both teams are available during office hours.

Next to this, the office of Svizera Europe is also classified according to the RIVM guidelines (National Institute for Health and Environment) like: hygienic measures, the possibility of keeping distance from each other and workplaces with the correct distance. We also strive to receive as few people from outside the office, only if it is really necessary to receive visitors besides the skeleton team, then the use of a mouth mask is mandatory. The staff of Svizera Europe adheres to the measures that apply.

Svizera Europe is also aware that all channels in the supply chain are effected by COVID-19.
Somethis this has resulted in delays in our deliveries but despite this, Svizera Europe continues to provide the service that you are used from us.
We keep on contributing in how we can help and solve problems efficiently and effectively. Svizera Europe wants and continues to deliver goods to the people who need it most in vulnerable countries and regions.

Only together we can stop COVID-19 #samentegencorona



Svizera holds the following certificates:


AEO Security and Safety


ISO 26000




TB Medication

Solar and Water Solutions

Solar and Water Solutions

Svizera Europe has developed a line of products which provide a solutions to common world wide problems.

Visit Svizera Wash for all of our Water Solutions and

Svizera Solar for alternative sources of energy and solar solutions.
Customize your kit

Customize your kit

Every situation needs a different approach with different products.
Therefore Svizera Europe has developed the concept 'Customize Your Kit'