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Water Solution Kits

More than 650 million people worldwide are living without access to clean water and sanitation possibilities. 

Everyday people die because of undernutrition and several diseases (such as diarrhea or intestinal worms) caused by unsafe and inadequate water. Water becomes the most contested and precious essential resource. 

Therefore Svizera Europe developed a new line of products which contribute to a better society and environment and provide a solution to this worldwide problem. you can find more information about our Water Solutions.

For example the clever & clean solution kit. With the clever water solution kit and the clever & clean water solution kit you have the opportunity to provide people in an easy way with clean water and sanitation possibilities. 

the products in the kits are foldable and compact so you can take them with you anywhere you go.

Our Product Manager Casper is looking forward to provide you with more information about these kits and its potentials. 



Svizera holds the following certificates:


AEO Security and Safety


ISO 26000




TB Medication

Solar and Water Solutions

Solar and Water Solutions

Svizera Europe has developed a line of products which provide a solutions to common world wide problems.

Visit Svizera Wash for all of our Water Solutions and

Svizera Solar for alternative sources of energy and solar solutions.
Customize your kit

Customize your kit

Every situation needs a different approach with different products.
Therefore Svizera Europe has developed the concept 'Customize Your Kit'